Many Hugs, Please. (A 7th Grade Anthology)


Yesterday morning someone told me that I was “unhuggable.”

I laughed like it didn’t matter.  Hiding behind a lie that touching someone else was my worst nightmare.

But hold out your arms and I’ll dive right on in without hesitation, nestle my head into your shoulder

If you tell me not to let go I won’t.  In fact, I’ll hold on as tightly as I can, until someone has to pry me off with a crowbar.

Because I am in just as much need of an embrace as anyone else.

A pineapple is only sweet if you open it up and let the nectar dribble down your chin.

I want a hug that says “I don’t care who you are, I just want to stifle your sadness for a moment

I want one that’s packed with “I love you’s” and “It can’t last forever’s”

One that pulls each flake of dead skin from my body and leaves me exfoliated.

I want it to be enlaced with stupid metaphors and drizzled with trite emotions

While you’re at it, add an extra shot of corny reassurances.

Surround me with echoes of a past I’ll begin to forget,

Ticklish musings of what might be.

I want a hug that’s not afraid to pick up a sledgehammer and pound on my walls until there’s nothing left but a pile of rubble and a fear-stricken me.

Nothing left but the lonely, scared, weak little girl that’s been screaming all along

Waiting for the right someone to pass by

Someone who has the strength and patience to begin with a chisel and work upwards.I want a hug that will grab anyone who tries to hurt me by the collar and shake them ‘till they can’t see straight.

An embrace that’s colorblind

That feels a touch and immediately wants more because it’s human nature

One that lassos all their empathy into a fulcrum of “You’ll be ok now. I’m here”

I just want someone to whisper that in my ear.

Someone who will take all the infection and unravel to reveal a healthy and uncontaminated me.

I want someone to bunch up all the pain and hurt I’ve ever felt and paint it with clouds that await falling tears

Someone who can look me in the eye know what I need.  What I’ve always wanted.

A hug.

Pure and true and simple and easy.